Do you struggle with Valentine’s Day Gifts for him      (or her)? You’re not alone. Valentine’s gifts present unique challenges!

Finding Valentine’s day gifts for the one you love can be tricky. You want something that sums up the way you feel about your partner AND (if we’re being honest) you want the Valentine’s day gifts to enhance the way your partner feels about you. Valentine’s day gifts are also challenging because (as the Beatles sang) money can’t buy you love. So we get stuck. What Valentine’s gifts can you possibly buy to express the emotion that money, apparently, just can’t buy?

Well, we can share a little secret  (sorry John and Paul)…
but you can buy love… Pure Love, actually.


You cant buy love, but you can enhance it..

Love is ephemeral, invisible, intangible.. but the desire to give and receive it is the most fundamental human desire. Gifts of love (self love, or love between people) really should be Valentine’s day gifts we give and receive every day. “Nice idea” you say, “but you’ve just multiplied my  problem by 365”. Not so friend! Read on..

Ordinarily, we accumulate more of something  to increase our experience of it. Selecting Valentine’s day gifts usually falls in this category – presenting someone another object to remind them you love them. While rules of simple mathematics state to increase something requires an addition, the esoteric maths of love also allow that subtraction can produce amplification. What if your Valentine’s day gifts aren’t about objects focused on increasing love, but are instead tools to assist in removing the obstacles to the love that’s already there…? Interesting.

Valentine's Day Gifts Balipura

Rose Quartz opens the heart to love and healing. Raise your self love, restore confidence & balance emotions.

Pure Love – the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift solution

Balipuras Pure Love Auric crystal range could fix your whole  gifts dilemma. Our Pure Love range provides Valentine’s gifts that work in harmony with this ‘less is more principle’. Carefully selected crystals and essential oils energetically (aurically) soften our defence mechanisms and allow higher, gentler vibrations of pure love to clearly emerge in daily interactions. Less resistance, less heart armour, less defensiveness unblocks our heart chakra, generating compassion, understanding, and unconditional acceptance.

Valentine’s day gifts everyday – Cultivating a daily routine

The more we consciously focus on love, the more we align our energetic state with its harmonious, coherent energy. Likewise, the more attention and space we give to noticing and nurturing love in a daily practice, the more easily we start to resonate with its frequency. Balipuras Pure Love tools (read more about how this works here) make a daily ‘love focus’ practice super easy and pleasurable. With the assistance of Pure Love Auric Spray, Pure Love Roll-Om and our Pure Love Crystal Wristlet you can fast-track noticeable shifts in how you feel about yourself, life, relationships…  and that person you wish to evolve the experience of love with. And as Valentine’s day gifts are traditionally romantic, men and women are timelessly drawn to aromatherapeutic essential oils of Champaka, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine in our Pure Love blends.

Loving yourself is a part of this!

Who says Valentine’s gifts are only for others? I routinely give myself a gift on Valentine’s day each February as an act of self love and care (whether I have a partner or not!). Rose Quartz, Jade, Chrysoprase, Aventurine and Amazonite are powerful crystals for cultivating self love – the most important Valentine’s day gifts we can possibly give the world!

If you or your number 1 are feeling a little closed to love and understanding, consider replacing the usual Valentine’s gifts of a box of chocolates and a wilted last-minute rose with the gift of Pure Love instead. Your hearts will thank you.

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