Balipura was born out of deep soul searching and meditation. Our founder, Sundar, is an experienced healing arts practitioner who yearned to fulfill a deep longing to work with crystal healing energy in a way that many people could access, rather than being limited to working with a few people one-on-one.

After a corporate career, Sundar made her first journey to Bali, looking to find something she couldn’t then define. It became clear that though her career brought success and financial reward, it was unfulfilling on a deeper level.

She felt a calling to create tools to elevate the vibration of mother earth and her inhabitants. After a long period of research, experimentation, and countless meditations asking for guidance from the crystals, planets, flowers and various Balinese energy healers, Balipura was born.

crystal healing energy

Sundar devised a unique technology to infuse natural volcanic spring water with the energy of crystals and planets, further enhanced with aromatherapeutic properties of pure essential oils. This method is known as the Balipura Transfer Method™. This process is the reason Balipura Aura Sprays are so effective. Practitioners and energy healers are our frontline product testers, and they report a huge difference in the quality and efficacy of Balipura when compared to other similarly marketed sprays.

Balipura has grown from a single persons’ vision to a beautiful company employing mainly women, which hand produces single batches of each essence with complete integrity and no corner cutting. We steadfastly adhere to the principles of fair pay and work conditions, ethical business practice, no animal testing, non toxic and natural ingredients, environmentally responsible production and waste management,  and excellent customer service and support. Our company is 100% based in Bali but exports all around the world.

Our mission is to create the purest and most effective Crystal Infused products to uplift, support and tangibly benefit people seeking to improve their wellbeing. This is our contribution to elevating the vibration of mother Earth and her inhabitants!
We hope you benefit and enjoy our products as much as it delights and satisfies us to bring them to you.

crystal healing energy