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We are honoured to offer you a All-In-One Healing Aromatherapy products which carry a combination of healing technologies which we have developed with our experience of working with patients in the past years.

All these healing techniques come together in one to aid you in your healing process. Our background comes from Energetic Healing, Crystal healing and Sound Healing. They all come together to create our unique Transfer method.

We do believe that within our cells, we are sound and vibration. And that by putting these Crystal vibrations onto our Aura, we invite our most inner sounds to step into these vibrations, thus healing ourselves.

Our defense systems behave like muscles and always tend to defend themselves in the same old way,  this is why we need to work with these old patterns within a period of time,  anchoring the healing process. In the same way we go to the gym to tighten a muscle and it takes some time to get it right, it is the same way with our defense systems and comfort zones. By using the sprays regularly we teach our system a new state.

The Earth’s vibration has been changing in the last years and will keep on changing in the coming years into a more Crystaline energy. Here is where the Crystals can help us, aid us and support us in our healing process. This Crystal energy will become more and more important as we enter deeper into the Age of Aquarius.  So we need to learn new techniques to keep us grounded, focused and to keep us connected. You can put an intention to your healing process before using our products.

You are welcome to use natural raw crystals to support the Sprays’  healing energy. Just make sure the crystals  are cleansed appropriately. You can smudge them or leave them for three consecutive nights under the full moon.

Feel free to contact us for any special enquiries such as wholesale, bridal gifts, hospitality gift or any particular energetic objective you would like to attain.


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