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Encompassing the ancient and magical healing spirit of Bali and modern healing techniques, Balipura artfully blends these technologies and ingredients into natural and caring products to help people with their healing process.  Whether you seek to nurture inner growth, to stay clear and focused or just to feel indulged and cared for, Balipura products support a shift in the Auric field, inviting our energy to step into this harmonized energies.

These technologies include: Crystal healing, Planetary energies, Flower energies, energetic healing, sound healing, vibrational healing and Aromatherapy.

Earths’ energy has been shifting in the last years. There are many more things affecting our energy fields, some related to the growing wireless communication around, some others related to speed of life, quantity of information available and the need for quick reactions to high stimulus in our daily lives. Our minds will be cycling faster and faster as we enter deeper into the 21st century. So the need to rebalance and quiet the mind will be bigger and bigger as times goes by. More need for grounding, connection, release of unwanted things, purging of excess thoughts and reconnection to pure love; will be some of the arising issues which can already be seen and felt. As this develops, new technologies are arising to be able to deal with all these new symptoms/stress of the over-stimulated systems, to help us feel more balanced, help us reduce the speed of our internal dialogue, tools to help live our lives in a less mind-driven way, thus helping us to surf our lives in a more pure, connected, soul driven way.

What People say?

The Grounding spray is definitely working. I come back home every day after a hectic day around and I ground myself with a short meditation and the sprinkles of spray. It really balances me and makes me feel more present.

Elena, Russia

What people say?

Which one to choose? I tried all the different aromas and it was difficult choose just one.  They are all good!  So I got one of each and a couple extra for gifts.

Vivi, England

What people say?

I’ve come to Bali on a detox, healing trip and I’ve encountered these amazing healing mists. Just the perfect gift to take home and continue anchoring the healing energies!!!!


What People Say ?

The Auric Sprays have really helped me to let go and release my emotions and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Michael, USA

What People Say ?

The PURE LOVE has a very unique flowery aroma. Its just perfect!

Sarah, Indonesia

What People Say ?

I love the sprays, beautiful scents and a real feeling of indulging in the healing spirit of Bali. Thank you!

Margareth, Germany

LET GOmore info

Crystal-infused healing mist

Crystals:   Clear Quartz,   Amethyst  &   Sodalite

To Let Go something organically would be to heal an emotion or feeling by acknowledging it in order for it to release peacefully. Many times there is fear behind these attachments.

Our energy field has a certain capacity and volume. Certain quantity of info ration and experiences can be held in our energy field. There is need to make some space in it by releasing things that have already been processed in order to have more space for new things to come. Releasing is connected to the west, to the sunset.

Protectionmore info

Crystal-infused healing mist

Crystals:   Citrine,  Black Tourmaline,  Tiger’s Eye  &  Clear Quartz

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a certain situation or place? Maybe near certain people?
Do you ever feel you wish you were stronger in certain circumstances and also you wish certain things and other peoples’ comments would not affect you in the way they do? Or that you could have said the right thing to defend you and you just didn’t, making you feel overwhelmed?

This Auric Spray helps you clean, transmute negative vibrations and strengthen your energy field, making it vibrate at a higher and more stable frequency so that denser vibrations dissolve, thus acting as a shield to other peoples negative projections. Where there is a more defined boundary between you and the rest and better definition of spaces.

Groundingmore info

Crystal-infused healing mist

Crystals:   Black Tourmaline,   Smokey Quartz,   Hematite  &   Clear Quartz

To be grounded symbolizes the roots of a tree holding to the ground. Grasping and affirming to it.  This creates a connection to our mother earth, bringing us more stability and strength to our daily lives.

There is a flow between us and our Divine Mother below, which is always there for us and willing to receive what we have to give (eg. fear). The Sprays work on reestablishing this connection, this flow.

It prevents us from staggering in difficult situations, allowing us flow in our daily routine with less fear and more confidence.  The lower chakras, (especially the root chakra) are activated.
It is very important to develop a good foundation, a solid structure to develop spiritually, to grow upwards. The deeper the roots are, the easier it is to raise our spirit and our life experiences. The more solid the foundations we build on, the stronger our spiritual growth.

Pure Lovemore info

Crystal-infused healing mist

Crystals:   Rose Quartz,   Jade,   Chrysoprase,   Aventurine  &   Amazonite

Flower energies:  Chempaka, Ylang Ylang, Jazmin.  Direct energy from flowers are infused into the sprays.

Planetary energy: Venus

This Auric Spray enhances unconditional love, compassion, understanding and harmony.

All the ingredients in this formula are all intended to open up our heart chakra.

If you are feeling that you are closed or blocked in terms of something to do with love and understanding, this is the spray for you. It will help you open up to a situation from a space of compassion and integration, instead of a place of ego (duality) and separation. Many times we create a defense system that covers up, hides our heart, and this can be softened with Pure Love.

Birthingmore info

SPRAY for the AURA, with energy of PLANETS and Crystals

Crystals: Moonstone, Malachite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, Clear QZ

Provides energetic support for soon-to-be mothers before, during and after birth.

Energetically clearing & charging the Aura with the protective, welcoming and loving energies of this blend, assisting the pregnant woman to smoothly transition to this new life stage, while supporting her to experience childbirth with openness, courage, and adaptation.

Full Moon
Brings fullness of the feminine energy of maternity & adjusts receptivity. Focuses protection, nutrition, and Maternal Love; regulates breastfeeding and all the liquids in the body.

Earth DAY
Stimulates the root chakra and vitality. Assists in the processing of changes both biological and emotional. Regulates the pulses and new rhythms of the body.

Helps with adaptation to new life circumstances.