The Aura is the energy field emanating out from all living beings. It’s also described as the electromagnetic field or ‘the subtle body’ that extends out from the physical body. It’s composed of  many layers, the first 7 of which correlate to different elements of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies and connect to each of the 7 main Chakra centres. These layers interact with each other and influence our overall experience of health and wellbeing. A balanced and radiant Aura is important for our energetic health and sense of wellbeing. 

 Balipura provides easy to use, safe and beautiful Aura healing tools to achieve this.

explain how the spray works


The molecular vibration of crystals are passed into water and then applied throughout your Auric field,  inviting your energy to start resonating at the same vibration as the energy of the crystals used. Over time, there is less distance between your general vibratory rate and the crystalline energy, creating greater harmony and balance within you.  The time it takes to notice change varies between people; some will feel the difference immediately, others will experience more gradual up-levelling as it can take time.

Each spray contains a specific crystal combination which carries a specific healing vibration. Check the options available to see which resonates for you!


• During meditation or yoga.
• To clear homes or public spaces.
• On your pillow before sleeping.
• Spray around your altar.
• When waking up and before bed.
• When doing healing work, to help anchor the process.

Use them as you’re inspired, the possibilities are endless! Experiment with using natural raw crystals to support the Sprays’ healing energy. Just make sure the crystals  are cleansed appropriately. You can clean crystals by smudging them with sage, leaving out for 3 consecutive nights under the moon, or by immersing in seawater/ salt water for 30mins – 2 hours.


Human cells are made of sound and vibration. When we encounter trauma, shock or day-to-day stress, the energetic imprint of these low vibration states affects our cells and their vibratory rate. We are born free, but over the course of our life experiences, we develop a defense system to protect ourselves from unwanted stimuli.  This defensive pattern becomes imprinted on our cells, and thereafter affects the way we are in the world.  So even after the immediate trauma or problem has passed,  the effect stays with us.

Balipura Aura products are a powerful tool to undo, clear and re-educate you energy field.  Re-training the cells to work in better ways over a period of time by using the sprays regularly teaches our bio-system a new state and anchors the healing process. 

Delivering a dose of the high frequency vibration of Crystals directly into the Aura invites harmonisation of our inner and outer vibrational bodies. 


Earths’ energy has been shifting in the last years due to many factors… her natural cycle evolves through the ages, added to an unprecedented period where human interventions are impacting her in a way we have never experienced before.  Wireless communications and the quantity of information we process on a daily basis, and the speed at which our lives move, require more effort on our part to counteract the energies affecting us. Our minds will cycle faster and faster as we enter deeper into the Age of Aquarius, so the need for us to rebalance and quiet the mind is crucial. 

Balipura plate stones


Balipura products are unique because of the ingredients we use and the process each ingredient undergoes to enhance its inherent energetic healing properties. While our process is sacred and secret and un-replicated in the market, we’d like to explain the principles that make us so effective. 

Production is always approached under a meditative state and is timed to coincide with the phases of the Moon. Production of each new batch starts with the New Moon, and concludes with a Balinese ceremony at sunset on the day of the Full Moon.

We use Palo Santo, sage, fragrant local flowers, natural incense, mantras and candles in the production area to keep the vibration high, clean and Sacred.  We also introduce colour therapy equipment which correlates to the therapeutic qualities of each blend.  

We start with pure water (Tirta) from a natural spring running under Bali’s revered volcano Mount Agung. Water is very important to the people of Bali and used as sacred daily offerings. We then apply a UV Water purification system to remove any potential harmful micro-organisms. 

We use the finest quality crystals for each blend, chosen because of their inherent energetic properties. Crystals undergo a cleansing protocol of sun and moonlight, seawater and mantras. The water is then infused by the Balipura Transfer Method™, where the water is never in direct contact with the Crystals, achieving a much stronger result than direct infusion can. 

Pure essential oils are carefully selected on the basis of their therapeutic characteristics, then combined with the Crystal water. We then add water which has been Alchemically infused with the energies of specific Planets. Hands-on Energetic Healing,  Theta Healing, and finally Gong Vibrational Baths are performed. 

The production process is completed in the special Full Moon Ceremony performed by a High Balinese Priestess, which strengthens and elevates the Sprays vibration.  

Finally, our beautiful staff hand bottle, label and pack each item before we personally dispatch to our many stores and customers around the world. 


• We only use glass during our production process.
• We are proudly 100% non GMO and Natural.
• No chemicals are used in or near our products.
• We do not approve of animal testing (though your pets will respond well to our Aura Sprays!).
• We can work with you to fulfill special orders such as bridal gifts, hospitality packs or particular energetic objectives you may wish to attain.
• No request is too strange!  Simply contact us HERE