Herkimer Diamond, Citrine, Amber, Selenite & Black Tourmaline.

Tea Tree, Lemon Tea Tree, Lemon Peel, Lavender, Clary Sage & Sage

Space Clearing Spray™

Clear Mind Wristlet

Crystal Roll-OMs™


Removes denser energies in sprayed areas, allowing lighter, happier and more vibrant ones to enter. Creates Calm & Peace in home and work environments.

Space Clearing Aura blend is exactly as it sounds – intended to be used to ‘clear’ spaces.

Space Clearing Aura Spray subtly but powerfully counteracts disharmonious, heavy energies with lighter, clear frequencies to relieve and uplift.

Basically, anywhere you want to clear denser energies to create a spacious field for more harmonious and higher vibration enjoyment can be prepared using this blend.


The crystals chosen for Space Clearing are particularly strong in clearing denser energies.

balipura herkheimer diamond crystal

Herkimer Diamond

The most powerful of all the quartz crystals. They are perfect conduits of universal life force when used to clear spaces.

balipura amber crystal


Aura cleanser. Allows higher vibrations to balance and disperse negative energy. Clears environments.

balipura selenite crystal


Our favourite! Mother of all cleansing stones. So strong it’s traditionally used to cleanse other cleansing stones!

black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Transmutes negative energies. Cleanses and protects your body and home.

balipura natural citrine crystal


A talisman for protecting spaces as it acts as a Light shield. It carries the energy of the Sun, elevates vibration radically.


balipura lemon oil


Refreshing and purifying. Amplifies trust, clarity and concentration. Powerful room cleaner physically and energetically.

balipura tea tree oil

Tea Tree

Antiseptic, refreshing and cleansing. Enforces energetic boundaries.

balipura sage oil


Euphoric cleaner and purifier. Stimulates clarity and groundedness, helpful for transmuting fearful and depressed energies.

balipura clary sage oil

Clary Sage

Releases emotional stagnation. Potentiates connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.

balipura lavender oil


Calming and balancing. Great for facilitating composure instead of emotional overload or panic.


Our body and surroundings carry various frequencies of energy. When a space is heavy, it feels so because the space between particles is very condensed. Performing Space Clearing works to open more space between these particles, which allows more space for our own energy to be present. The essential oils chosen are all known to contain antiseptic therapeutic properties which also stimulate, cleanse and energise.


Spray around the space, set your intention for the cleared space, take a few deep breaths and keep going with your routine, cleared and rejuvenated!

You can use this mist in any space, for example use in your home, around your desk at work, over a table you’ve set up for a party, in public spaces or your retail outlet, or spray around your hotel room and bed linen when you travel.

You can also spray around the body as all ingredients are 100% natural. I personally use it around my body when I feel mentally lethargic to refresh and invigorate my energy field. Shop owners also report great results in environments where people are coming and going, bringing their various emotions, thoughts and vibrations with them, which can affect your staff and patrons experience within the space. 



All the ingredients in this formula are focused to break up dense energies. From the crystals to the aromas, the selection of essential oils and even the use of light blue for the labelling. All focus for this mist is on breaking up stagnation and increasing a happy vibrant flow.



24 Months after opening date.


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