Moonstone, Malachite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla & Clear Quartz.

Rose Geranium, Vanilla, Clary Sage, Jasmine & Lavender

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Birthing Auric Spray aids in creating and adapting to new life circumstances… from pregnancy* and motherhood, to materialising projects, or adapting to new living situations. Navigate changing life circumstances with support and ease. Adaptation to new life circumstances requires physical adaptation from one state of being to another. As our bodies are so influenced by the moon, the tempos regulating pulses, circadian/ dural fluid rhythms, menstrual rhythms and the different liquids in the body (including breast milk) are also ebbing and flowing. Flying between different timezones, for example, has an impact on these rhythms. The particular crystals in this blend all support our natural biorhythms to assist in regeneration and renewal to keep momentum for change going.

The Spray is also wonderful for providing energetic support for soon-to-be mothers* – before, during and after birth. By using it to energetically clear and charge the Aura of a pregnant woman with protective, welcoming and loving energies, it assists her smooth transition to this new life stage, while supporting her to experience childbirth with openness, courage, and flexibility. Malachite and amethyst have traditionally been used by Doulas to ‘protect’ mothers in labour.

Enriching vitality and being able to materialise and ground your creative ideas to welcome projects and babies from a space of Love and self-esteem through Auric tonification is this Sprays gift. If you face any change in life circumstances such as loss, a change of house, becoming a parent, moving to another country, adopting a pet etc. it assists to transit these moments feeling empowered with Love. Moonstone is a key crystal included in this blend and is great for strengthening connection with your creativity and feminine (the creative) energy.

*Avoid use during first trimester


The crystals chosen for the Birthing Spray are particularly nurturing and encouraging.


Offers protection and stability, assists with divine connection and purification, relieves physical and emotional tension.


Empowerment of the Goddess energy. Eliminates fear-based thoughts. Brings peace to the mind and heart, and serenity amidst situations in constant change. Alleviates fears associated with labor. New beginnings. Inspires will power and confidence. Motivation to transform future ambitions into present reality.


A powerful emotional cleanser also known as the ‘midwives stone’; powerful heart opener to receive love.


Divine Femininity • New Beginnings • Destiny. Whether you’re looking to enhance fertility, sensuality & creativity, birth a new project or just begin again. Aligns your natural rhythms with those of the moon. Relieves stress, fear & tension during childbirth.

Quartz Crystal

Known as the Master Healing Crystal. Contains the full light spectrum, working on every energetic level to bring the body into balance and harmony. Powerfully strengthens & stabilizes the bodies energy fields.

Rose Quartz

Provides emotional balance, security & peace. Used as a protective gemstone during childbirth and pregnancy to help open the heart to unreserved love and to the magic of birthing. Cultivates deep connection with self, what you create & the whole universe. Spiritual protection.. inner strength and clarity of mind.



Energizes and re-activates the flow of energy through the Chakras.

Rose Geranium

Light, sensual and balancing. Promotes security and intimacy.


Calming & balancing. Promotes composure. Used for emotional overload, tension & panic.

Clary Sage

Mood uplifting oil that relaxes & soothes nervous tension, relieves stress & anxiety, balances hormones, regulates sleep.


Euphoric, calming, uplifting & aphrodisiac. Harmony and delight. Used for fear & apathy.


All the ingredients in this formula are focused to create an energetic support for manifesting the new. From the crystals to the aromas, and even the use of soft pinky mauve for the labelling, all focus is on drawing support from the ether into the physical.

*To comply with licencing and product guidelines in many countries, let us be clear that we make no claims for use as a pregnancy or birthing medical aid.. our products work on the Aura. Birthing Aura Spray contains lavender essential oil, so we recommend that women don’t use during the first trimester of pregnancy, in line with general guidelines on the use of aromatherapy products during pregnancy.


6 Months after opening date.


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