If you have done any research on alternative medicine, you have probably heard of healing energy of crystals. A natural healing method that has been used for centuries and is becoming more and more popular and famous these days. The use of crystals for therapeutic purposes to treat or prevent certain diseases have been used in the past and are being used these days.

Did you know, that these seemingly insignificant stones can be a highly effective tool for restoring balance to your life?

Crystals are believed to have healing properties that can assist you to feel more positive and keep your life in balance. But, despite its popularity, there is a lot of misinformation about these healing stones.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common myths and misconceptions about crystal’s natural healing methods.

Crystals have the power to heal instantly

Crystals indeed have a healing energy to help you feel balanced and in a state of happiness. However, crystals aren’t magical stones that can bring instant positive results. Crystal healing is a natural method that works very well as prevention and stabilizer of energy. Its adjustment takes some time than normal medicine, it is not quick. It can help you achieve your goals, such as general well-being & balance, feeling of empowerment, release of old patterns & fears and strengthening of your energetic boundaries. Furthermore, crystals can serve a purpose as a supporting tool to improve the efficacy of medicines as they cannot, on their own, cure a medical condition. They are mostly used as a prevention and stabilizing technique although it also works as support to traditional medicine.

Crystals need to be cleaned and polished to heal perfectly

When you aim at using crystals as your natural healing tool, the amount of healing energy produced by crystals has nothing to do with their appearance, no matter whether it is rough, shiny, brilliant, or drab, it has the same healing energy amount. In other words, crystals’ energy is unlikely to be affected by their shape, size, or texture. The effects of irregular and drab crystals are the same as those of polished and gleaming crystals. I tend to feel that the more raw is the crystal and the less man intervention on them, keeps their energy more pristine clear!

Any crystals have the same healing energy that you can use on your own

We know and have read a lot about the benefits of crystals when using them as a healing tool. However, only a few articles are telling you that crystals also have side effects, just like medicines. That is why it is important to use it under the supervision of an experienced healer or trained professional.

As you may know, crystal energy healing is an alternative natural healing method, and before adding it to your daily routine, you should be aware of both its benefits and side effects.

Some crystals are for cleansing, some for relaxing and grounding, some for elevating the energy. It is important you learn the characteristics of each one and use them at the appropriate time of the day!

Citrine is a crystal that will give you energy and stamina, it carries the energy of the sun. Most probably, this crystal should be used in the morning and not at night before sleeping.

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The good news is that Balipura’s products – which were developed by Sundar (an experienced healing arts practitioner on the magical island of Bali – are 100% natural, vegan, contain no harsh chemicals, and made from the finest grade of crystals infused in natural sacred spring water from the heart of Bali’s volcanic mountains combined with 100% Pure Essential oils, and various flower essences)  have carefully curated and combined the energy of the different crystals with the essential oils for its maximal effectiveness!

A given crystal as a gift is more effective in healing

This is a myth. It doesn’t matter if your crystals were given or you bought them yourself because the energies of crystals will remain the same. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you a crystal to support your healing process. Crystals that come to you in any way, are the ones that are needed by you, and the ones you attract! So trust the arrival nature of them!

To sum up

Crystals indeed have a lot of benefits when it comes to support your healing process. However, reading and filtering all the information you get about this natural healing method is necessary to give you the maximum benefits of crystals. Crystals in combination with sacred waters and essential oils, have been carefully curated by Balipura founder Sundar to work on your Aura / Auric field.

Furthermore, we must understand that stones including crystals heal us by releasing their positive energy and vibration at a specific frequency. Understanding the basic way of how it works will avoid you from all the wrong information you have read on the internet.

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