Lunar New Year in February? New Years eve is December 31, right?

Well, yes, if you ask the Gregorian calendar. But across many Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia, a Lunar New Year calendar is in charge. Mother Moon oversees a Lunar New Year transition on February 12.

Lunar New Year 2021 is an opportunity for rebirth, renewal and a darn good refresh.. I have both hands up for all of that after a rather … entertaining… 2020. I bet you do too!  If you’d like some background on what Lunar New Year traditions represent and ideas how to welcome her in the best possible fashion, do read on…

Lunar New Year street party Balipura

Lunar New Year parades are essential for clearing the energy for the New Year!

So, why ‘Lunar New Year’ instead of Chinese New Year?  Well, the phrase  “Lunar New Year” is a more inclusive term. It celebrates the period of Spring Festival across much of Asia and is a gorgeous, uplifting day of completion, commencement and connection with the love of family and friends. Spring Festival is now a welcome annual celebration for an increasingly global community.

Background to those wild China Town Chinese New Year street celebrations…

  • Festivities traditionally include dragon or lion dances (symbolic of prosperity and to drive away bad spirits)
  • Red objects and clothing are prominent, especially red lanterns (red is purportedly hated by Nyan, the destructive mythological beast spirit who likes to make mischief leading up to the day)
  • Fireworks sparkle and boom in a fiery offering to the moon-filled heavens to clear lingering memories and energies
  • Colleagues and loved ones exchange thoughtful gifts symbolising abundance and prosperity

Lunar New Year is a time to create an attractive energetic environment for prosperity & good luck

.. because you want it to flow from Lunar New Year ’s day onwards. Whether gift giving on Lunar New Year is your normal habit or not, we thought we’d offer a generous 25% discount on some perfectly attuned gifts for yourself or someone you’d love to encourage.

25% off our entire Birthing range from now just until the end of Festivities

Yes, our Birthing Range is for pregnancy, but also ‘birthing’ ideas, projects and new ways of being. This range is about regeneration and renewal.  Gifts like these offer  encouragement to keep the momentum for change humming along.

Lunar New Year 25% PROMO on our Birthing range!

New year, new projects or a new you.. reBIRTH, reNEW, reCREATE!

25% off our Limited Edition Travel Set (only available for a short time)

Super handy travel size set of our famous four origional Aura Sprays. They fit in your purse, even if your only ‘travel’ right now is to the supermarket and back!. This is a ritual in a box to help you Let Go of old emotions, Grounding yourself in your goals and energy, Protecting your energy field and welcoming this Lunar New Year with Pure Love from an open heart.

Lunar New Year Balipura Travel Set PROMO

Balipuras ‘Ritual in a Box’ Perfect for New Year gifts!

New Year is a powerful moment to stop, reflect on what has been, and clear the decks for what you want to experience and become in this Chinese astrological year of the Ox.  Susan Levitts book is a great introduction to practical interpretations of Chinese Astrology if you’re interested.

2021 Lunar New Year: the Year of the Ox

The dominant energy of the Ox in Chinese Astrology is duty, discipline, and focused effort. While many of us crave freedom and a change of scenery, starting to work in harmony with Ox energy could be a more pragmatic path to prosperity and luck. Two fantastic ideas aligned with the energy of Ox are to begin completing whatever you started in 2020, and develop routines which support creating inner stability and creative adaptability.

For myself, though I already feel lucky (I get to work with crystals everyday!) a renewed commitment to my morning routine of using the 4 Aura Sprays in our Travel Set, combined with the uplifting, creative vibes of our Birthing range will set me up well for an abundance of health, wealth and wisdom.

We hope 2021 is your best year to come!

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