When it comes to feeling good, both inside and out, small things can make a big difference. That’s where essential oils and aura sprays come in. These special essential oil blends don’t just smell nice – they can also help us relax, feel more positive, and create a sense of calm around us. In this article, we’ll explore the top three essential oil blends for aura sprays, so you can bring wellness into your everyday life.

Uplifting Citrus Blend

For an energizing aura spray, combine:

  • 3 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil
  • 1 drop grapefruit essential oil

The bright, tangy scents of citrus essential oils are refreshing and mood-boosting. Sweet orange essential oil in particular is wonderful for combating anxiety and stress. Lemon essential oil has a crisp, vitalizing aroma that helps increase focus and alertness. Add a single drop of grapefruit essential oil to round out the blend with its refreshing tropical fragrance.

Calming Lavender Blend

To create a relaxing aura spray, try:

  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops Roman chamomile essential oil

The soothing floral scent of lavender essential oil is ideal for alleviating anxiety, stress and insomnia. Lavender essential oil has mild sedative effects that induce feelings of peace and tranquility. Roman chamomile essential oil has a sweet, herbaceous aroma with calming properties to promote relaxation and ease anxiety. This lavender and chamomile blend will help calm your mind and body, relieving negative emotions.

Balancing Rosemary Mint Blend

For an aura spray that stimulates and uplifts your mind while calming your body, combine:

  • 3 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 2 drops spearmint essential oil

The refreshing herbal fragrance of rosemary essential oil helps boost alertness and clear your mind. Rosemary essential oil is excellent for combating mental fatigue and improving concentration. The cooling aroma of spearmint essential oil evokes feelings of relaxation with its soothing yet refreshing scent. This rosemary and mint blend creates an ideal balance of stimulation and calm.

Using an aura spray with essential oil blends tailored to your specific needs and mood can help shift your mindset and improve your wellbeing. Experiment with different essential oil combinations to find what resonates most with you.

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How to Use the Essential Oil Blends Aura Spray for the Best Results

For the best results with your Aura Spray, follow these guidelines:

Find a Calm Environment

Find a quiet, distraction-free place to use your Aura Spray. Turn off electronics and find a comfortable seat. Taking a few deep breaths will help shift your mindset and prepare you for the experience.

Set an Intention

Decide on a desired outcome or state of being you want to achieve. Do you want to feel more focused, creative or calm? Setting an intention helps direct the energy of the crystals and essential oils in the Aura Spray.

Spray Around Your Body

Hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches away from your body and spray in slow, circular motions around your torso, arms, legs and head. Make sure the area is misted evenly for the most effective results. The essential oils and crystals will work together to help shift your aura and energy field to the intended state.

Sit Still for Several Minutes

After spraying, sit still for 3 to 5 minutes while the essential oils absorb into your auric field. Breathe slowly and deeply, focusing your mind on the intention you set. The longer you sit, the more effective the Aura Spray will be.

Use the Essential Oil Blends Regularly for Best Results

For optimal benefits, use your Aura Spray 1-2 times per day, especially when you want to achieve a particular state of being. Repeated use trains your energetic field to more easily shift into the intended state. Store your Aura Spray in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

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