Essential oil blends are well known for their wonderful benefits including relieving anxiety. Why and how does it work? Keep on reading because this article will tell you the benefits of essential oils blends and how it helps to manage your anxiety.

Is it normal to feel Anxious?

Many people have to deal with anxiety feeling. A small example is when you are stressed or in an uncomfortable situation, such as before giving a speech or taking a test, you may feel a little anxious. A bit anxiety is actually good because it can raise your alertness and make you well-prepared for the speech or the test so that you will get a good result.

While many studies state that it is normal to feel a bit anxious, on the contrary, a constant state of anxiety can become exhausting, disturb your activities, and may develop into an anxiety disorder such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), social anxiety, separation anxiety, phobias or even turn into Adrenal Fatigue, which could require medical treatment.

The fact that anxiety could drive into a more serious issue, makes it necessary to understand anxiety symptoms so that you can recognize them and take some precautions to manage them. Here are several common anxiety symptoms:

  • Excessive worry or stress
  • Feeling too emotional, easily get upset
  • Hard to stay focused
  • Has a sleeping issue – hardly falling asleep
  • Headaches
  • Digestive issue
  • Feeling scared
  • Feeling constantly tired

Why use essential oil blends?

While some people are still doubting the essential oil blends’ benefits, many studies on essential oil blends have shown positive results as supporting treatments, and many healthcare practitioners are using them as a supplementary therapy in addition to other treatments.

The fact that essential oils blends could enhance the scent/mood in your environment and give a more relaxing and calm ambiance becomes one of the reasons why it is a great remedy to treat anxiety symptoms.

How does Balipura help with anxiety?

At Balipura we believe everything is vibration. Nature and the different elements of nature each carry a different vibration, and this is what is condensed into the essential oils when they are distilled.

It is important to find sources of very good & pure quality of oils. As it is very important to use oils that carry these vibrations in them.

In Balipura we intend to bottle a bit of the purest nature energies and elements from Bali.

Bali is known to be a hub of the most pure healing energies in the world. And through our sacred production process, we put all these elements into a bottle and bring it to you.

Our sprays carry sacred water from a special spring in Bali. We also infuse this sacred water with combinations of energies of different crystals. We do infuse this water with direct energy of flowers! This is all done in the most cleansed space in order for you the user to get this experience!

Being connected with nature and its elements will relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

When to use Balipura products?

Balipura products are made from pure and natural ingredients that you can use daily to bring calmness and tranquility.

Balipura products also can be used in these activities:

• During meditation or yoga.
• To clear homes or public spaces.
• On your pillow before sleeping.
• Spray around your altar.
• When waking up and before bed.
• When doing healing work, to help anchor the process.
• Every morning when you wake up
• When you come back home

How to use essential oils for anxiety

You can use essential oil blends to relieve anxiety in various ways.


To create a calm and cozy ambiance, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil throughout the house. For instance, use lavender oil on your pillow before going to bed. If you’re concerned about the oil-causing stains, put it on your bedside table in a saucer or tiny bowl.


Spraying the essential oil around your home is an excellent way to easily cover your favorite  area. Use Balipura Crystal Infused Healing Mist Spray on and around your Aura and can also be used in rooms to help with anxiety. You can find Lavender Oil in our Clear Mind, Birthing and Protections lines.

Oil burner

This method is using ceramic plates/candles to burn the essential oils to let the aroma spread in the room. Other than calming your mind with the aromatherapy vibration, the ceramic plate and the candle also can be a decoration that adds an aesthetic look to your room.

Apply on your skin

Applying essential oils to your skin can make your mind calmer and more relaxed. If you want to use essential oils on your skin always remember you should dilute them in a carrier oil such as Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil. This will help minimize the risk of skin irritability. Before using an essential oil on your skin, try to do a skin patch test on a tiny area of your skin in order to check whether you are allergic to the oil or not.

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What essential oils are good for anxiety?

After knowing that essential oil are good to treat your anxiety, you might be wondering which essential oils work best to calm your anxiety. Worry less, here are the most effective essential oils for anxiety:


Lavender is the most famous essential oil that works best to reduce anxiety. Not only good for anxiety but lavender oil is also advised for people who have sleeping trouble. It could help you to sleep well and improve your sleep quality. It is because lavender oil will relax your fish and flight energy in you. It works great in the bedroom to help you relax and sleep.

Clary Sage

Several studies have found that clary sage is effective to raise serotonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels. What it has to do with anxiety? Well, anxious people frequently have low serotonin levels and high cortisol levels. When serotonin is released, you feel good, whereas cortisol is a hormone generated under stressful situations, therefore lowering cortisol may help with anxiety.


If you’re feeling tired and need a quick pick-me-up, the citrus essential oil can be your choice. Because the aroma of citrus is known to be uplifting and refreshing, you might use it during the day to relieve your anxiety.

Which Balipura variants are best for Anxiety?

Balipura has 7 variants – Grounding, Let Go, Pure Love, Protection, Birthing, 7 Chakras, and Space Clearing or Clear Mind. Each variant has different essential oil blends specially formulated to assist you in your healing process.

When it comes to anxiety, we recommend you try our Protection, Space Clearing/Clear Mind, and Birthing variants. All these 3 lines have Lavender oil and would work wonderfully! The clear Mind / Space Clearing carries Clary sage and Lemon Citrus notes which will also support thinking less and being less fearful and being more present and happier in the now.

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I personally use the Space Clearing Spray, as I’ve been through adrenal fatigue symptoms in the last years and this line has supported me deeply.

You can use the spray or roll-on in the morning or before important meetings with loved ones or your boss as it will boost your energy to speak your truth with confidence. It is even better if you use it regularly 2 to 3 times a day for a more long-lasting effect.

These variants are very useful to apply before attending a stressful exam, big business meeting, any difficult event such as legal proceedings or making challenging phone calls, public speaking or performing, or simply to use before having an honest conversation with a loved one. You can also use them on your daily routine even if your symptoms are not too bad, as preventions and support.