Balipura products not only serve a function as aromatherapy but they also carry the energy of crystals to help you on your healing journey. Another reason that makes Balipura products stand out is its unique combination of ingredients and specialized production process. While our production process remains sacred and secret, in this article, we would like to give you more information on the transfer method that we have developed over time to infuse the energy of crystals into our sacred water.

There are three key aspects to our process:

  1. Pure Spring Water: In every batch of production, we ensure that the water we use to make our products is exceptionally pure. We only use sacred water from Bali’s most sacred Volcano, Mount Agung, laying the foundation for the healing properties of our products.
  2. Sacred Production Space: Our production area is treated as a sacred environment, free from electronic devices (no computers, no phones) and electromagnetic waves. We apply an indirect method, where the crystals are never put directly into the water. Instead, their energy is transferred onto the water, resulting in a more powerful infusion of healing properties.
  3. Continuous Spiritual Atmosphere: To enhance the energetic properties of our products, we maintain a constant presence of burning incense and the continuous recitation of the Gayatri mantra.

Why Infused the Energy of Crystals in Essential Oils?

Crystals and essential oils are well-known for their healing properties and have been widely used in spiritual practices for a quite long time. In today’s world, where a significant 77% of people experience stress and anxiety that affects their physical well-being, the use of crystal and essential oil for spiritual healing and aura cleansing is increasing significantly.

The fact that essential oils blends could enhance the scent of your environment and give a more relaxing and calm ambiance becomes one of the reasons why it is a great remedy to treat anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, here are several reasons why the infusion of crystal energy in essential oils is gaining popularity nowadays:

  1. Enhancement of Healing Properties: Crystals possess distinct energetic vibrations that can enhance the therapeutic properties of essential oils. When the energy of crystals is infused into oils, it combines with the inherent healing properties of the oils, resulting in a synergistic effect that may promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  2. Energetic Balance and Alignment: Crystals are believed to possess energetic properties that can help balance and align the body’s energy systems. By infusing the energy of crystals in essential oils, the oils can carry and transmit these balancing energies, supporting harmony within the body, mind, and spirit.
  3. Intention Setting and Mindfulness: When infusing crystal energy in essential oils, people often practice intention setting and mindfulness. This involves imbuing the oils with specific intentions or desired qualities, which helps enhance their therapeutic value. This mindful infusion process also deepens the personal connection to the oils and crystals, creating a more meaningful and intentional healing experience.

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Balipura Process

Our production is aligning with the phases of the Moon. Each batch starts during the new moon and finishes on the full moon and is completed with a Balinese ceremony by the Balinese priest.

In our production area, we maintain a high, clean, and sacred vibration by utilizing Palo Santo, sage, fragrant local flowers, natural incense, mantras, and candles. We also combine color therapy equipment during the production process that corresponds to the therapeutic qualities of each blend.

After all the preparation is ready, we start the process by purifying the spring water with UV water purification to make sure the water is free from all the harmful micro-organisms. Then for each blend, we carefully select the finest quality crystals that have been cleansed under exposure of sunlight, moonlight, seawater, and mantras for their inherent energetic properties. The water is then infused using our exclusive Balipura Transfer Method™, ensuring that the crystals are never directly in contact with the water.

In the next step, we blend the sacred spring water with the best-quality natural and organic essential oils and perform hands-on energetic healing, Theta Healing, and Gong Vibrational Baths in this process in order to enhance energetic and healing quality and bring positive vibrations and intentions, creating a more transformative experience for you who use our Aura infused products.

Well, that is the production process of our Aura-infused products that we handmade each item with love one by one. So, what are you waiting for?
Grab your favorite Aura-infused products today and get the benefit from them for your healing journey!