As you go through your day, the energy around you can have a significant impact on your mood and mindset. Balipura aura spray is an easy way to cleanse your space and shift the energy to a more positive frequency. Using a blend of essential oils known for their uplifting and calming properties, you can create an aura spray to boost your mood and support an optimal state of being. In this article, you will learn how to make three essential oil blends for your aura spray to cleanse the energy around you and invite in tranquility and joy. With just a few simple ingredients, you have the power to transform your environment and elevate your aura. Read on to discover the recipes for blends to uplift, calm, and inspire.

Balipura Aura Spray: Infused With Healing Crystals

The Balipura Aura Spray is infused with healing crystals known for their energetic and mood-boosting properties. When spritzed around your aura, this blend helps shift your energy field into a positive state of being.

  • Rose quartz, the ‘heart stone,’ helps open your heart to unconditional love and compassion. We infuse the energy of Rose Quartz into Pure Love Aura Spray to  encourages self-love and forgiveness.
  • Citrine, the ‘light-maker crystal,’ carries the power of the sun. It lifts moods and raises optimism. Citrine in the Protection Aura Spray helps brighten your outlook and boost motivation.
  • Amethyst, the ‘peace stone,’ in the Balipura Let Go Aura Spray has a calming energy. It soothes stress and anxiety, promoting tranquility and patience. The Amethyst in the Aura Spray brings you serenity and balance.

To use the Balipura Aura Spray, hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches from your body and mist around your aura in a slow, circular motion. Focus your intention on the energetic properties of the crystals as you spray. The aromatic essential oils of rose, neroli and clary sage will help shift your mindset while the crystal-infused water cleanses and seals your aura.

For the best results, use the Aura Spray in the morning to start your day centered and energized. You can also use it throughout the day whenever you need an uplifting pick-me-up or calming reset. Keep your Balipura Aura Spray on hand for a quick recharge and realignment of your aura and chakras. Our premium, all-natural ingredients and hand-selected healing crystals will keep you balanced and your aura glowing.

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The Benefits of Using Balipura Aura Spray

Using an aura spray provides several benefits for your overall well-being and state of mind.

  • Clearing negative energy. An aura spray can help clear any negative or stagnant energy from your aura and environment. The essential oils and crystals are natural energy cleansers that will leave you feeling lighter and brighter.
  • Raising your vibration. Specific essential oils and crystals are known for their ability to raise your energetic vibration and shift your mood to a higher, more positive state. Using an aura spray daily can help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety and promote an overall sense of calm and clarity.
  • Protection. Certain essential oil blends and crystals, like frankincense, myrrh, black tourmaline, and obsidian, provide auric protection. They strengthen your energetic field and protect against outside influences that could affect your mood or mindset. Using an aura spray with these ingredients helps safeguard your space and inner positivity.
  • Balancing your chakras. Chakras are the energetic centers of the body that can become blocked or imbalanced. Essential oils and crystals directly correspond to the 7 chakras. An aura spray with a blend of these ingredients helps align and balance your chakras, which is important for both physical and emotional health.
  • Manifesting your intentions. The crystals and essential oils in an aura spray have natural manifesting properties. As you spray your space, set a positive intention or affirmation. The energy of the ingredients will amplify this intention, helping to attract what you desire into your reality. With regular use, an aura spray can be a powerful manifesting tool.

Last but not least, using a specially crafted aura spray provides cleansing, uplifting and protective benefits for your energetic well-being and state of mind. Formulated with essential oils and crystals, a high-quality aura spray helps raise your vibration, balance your chakras, and manifest your positive intentions. Overall, it leads to an increased sense of peace and clarity in both yourself and your space.