A baby, a new day or a new idea… birthing of the new is all around us.


Baby and mother

We usually associate mothers with a baby, and birthing with mothers. Simple, unchangeable fact of life, right? Sure.. for a new baby to enter the world, a woman necessarily becomes a mother. And without a mother, no baby is born.


Birthing doesn’t only deliver babies..  and the act of mothering is definitely not exclusive to mothers

Sound cryptic? It’s really not.. just need to stretch your concept of what it is ‘to give birth’ a little! Babies  – obviously. But birthing also happens when you

  • create a new business;
  • materialise opportunity;
  • adapt to new living situations, maybe after separation or a death;
  • hatch a new plan for your life;
  • take steps to deliver on a promise;
  • or conceive a new method for doing something then shepherding it into the world… 

Whatever it is that you intend to move toward creating is what you are in the process of birthing

The full list is as long as the history of creation itself. And  each act of giving birth to something new really is the release of internal energetic potential so it can crystalise and manifest in the external world. 

Likewise, get creative with your concept of mothering. These qualities include:

  • nurturing and guiding
  • calming, soothing, resolving
  • encouraging and inspiring courage
  • protecting without smothering

And the best? There’s no age or gender in this expanded use of the term birthing.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step..

Baby Steps:  navigating life changes

We ALL birth and engage in mothering, but while every single human is doing it, it doesn’t always flow as naturally or easily as we hope. Adapting to new life circumstances, whether planned for and welcome, or unexpected and startling, is a transitional period. Change is inevitable, unavoidable, and downright necessary unless you plan to hide out in a cave the rest of your life. Read this article for an interesting expansion on recognising and navigating life changes. It also gives some mental assurances about why they feel so overwhelming at times. 

The grace is in being able to navigate changing life circumstances with excitement and positivity in the case of welcome changes, and finding support and ease when you feel resistance to the changes occurring around. ‘Around you’ is a key thing to note.. change may be happening outside you, but the core of who you are is dependable and unchanging. In that place, you have the resources to tap into a resilience that you may never discover until you need it most. The blessing of challenge is the opportunity to get to know who you are and what you’re capable of. 

But what if I’m having an ACTUAL baby* ??!

These are definitely changes that are happening WITHIN you! And possibly no other single event has the potential to impact your life as deeply. Women deserve support whether their pregnancy is planned or surprising. Physical support is usually not far away, but energetic support is even more critical. Hormones, body changes, and planning for life after delivery.. it’s super important to acknowledge that pregnancy and birthing are extraordinary circumstances by any measure!

The Balipura Birthing Range covers birthing in an expanded definition, but is especially relevant and helpful for women on the journey of motherhood, providing energetic support  – before, during and after giving birth*. By using it to energetically clear and charge the Aura of a pregnant woman with protective, welcoming and loving energies, it assists her smooth transition to this new life stage, while supporting her to experience childbirth with openness, courage, and flexibility. Malachite and amethyst have traditionally been used by Doulas to ‘protect’ mothers in labour, and the other crystals and oils provide a safe energetic holding zone. 

**To comply with licensing and product guidelines in many countries, let us be clear that we make no claims for use as a pregnancy or birthing medical aid.. our products work on the Aura. Birthing Aura Spray contains lavender essential oil, so we recommend that women don’t use during the first trimester of pregnancy, in line with general guidelines on the use of aromatherapy products during pregnancy.


Baby Business. From creating life to facing new circumstances, good mothering is the ultimate support act.

The moment when everything started

Sometimes it creeps up on you, and sometimes it was a long time gestating. But is you reflect, theres usually a moment when you know something big has begun. Many friends describe that moment in the bathroom with the pregnancy test kit. Other ideas hatch imperceptibly, until you just know, intuitively that the time has come for a big change. Maybe you know what the change needs to be, but equally, sometimes the ‘aha’ moment is simply realising in your bones that something needs to end, so that something new can come into being.

The moment everything started can feel exciting or terrifying. Even if it feels exciting, it’s often overwhelming.  One thing is the idea of a new enterprise, a new life, a new path.. the more long term project is to find how to become receptive and welcoming to the reality of it, whatever your ‘it’ is.


How to find support when you’re swimming out to sea..

Or another way to put it: where do you turn to for support when YOU are the support. This is your ‘baby’, and the buck stops with you. A great piece of advice I once received was to keep a clear vision of how you want to feel about this whole adventure. If it’s not yet clear to you, lay on the couch and simply ask your higher self. Phrase it something like this: “What is the deepest reason in my heart I wanted to go down this road?”. Don’t look for the answer, let it float to you. Maybe it comes instantly, maybe it takes time. But when it comes, write it down. Stick it somewhere you’ll see it, and repeat it often. You can create personal ‘touchphrases’ that really can act like buoys when you’re far from shore, or want to connect with your true inspiration.  

Another way is to utilise some external tools, like floatation devices that support you along the way. This article provides some inspiration for wise questions to ask yourself to trigger alternate ways navigate challenges, and discover more deeply why and what you really care about.

Tapping into the deeper part of you is the fundamental skill that can make the difference between feeling lost at sea, and feeling safely buoyed along by the ocean of wisdom deep within you. 

Birthing the New: Aura Tools

Undertaking something new has an energy to it. Theres a vibratory quality. maybe you can picture a colour that sums it up for you, or a feeling. When I started using Birthing Aura Spray, my new adventures suddenly had a scent to them!

The Balipura Birthing Auric range aids in creating and supporting you to materialise and ground your creative ideas. It  was created to vibrate in harmony with Yin, the feminine creative and receptive energy. And just like mothering, yes,  men possess this energetic quality too.  Adopting a little routine to cultivate reception and creativity in your auric field is a  powerful way to work with the subtle body. You can learn more about the auric field  here.

The Aura Spray, Crystal Aura Wristlet and Birthing Roll OM in our Birthing Range support you to welcome the new from a space of  self-esteem, calm confidence and love. Energetically the particular crystal infusion and essential oils work together to bring an  enriching vitality to your energy body. Over time I’ve become aware that the Birthing range seems to help me experience

🌱   Courage instead of fear

🌱   Vitality instead of depletion

🌱   Focus instead of overwhelm

🌱  Flexibility to adapt instead of rigidity

🌱   Holding to your vision instead of giving up

The particular crystals and essential oils are explained in further detail here.  And when I need an extra boost, I like to  combine the Birthing Range with our Let Go products. It’s a fantastic combination to generate some energy around letting go of the old to create space for the new.

Balipura Birthing Range: Aura Spray; Crystal Wristlet; Birthing Roll-OM

Balipura Birthing Range: Aura Spray; Crystal Wristlet; Birthing Roll-OM


Bringing your baby into being

If you face any change in life circumstances such as loss, a change of house, becoming a parent, moving to another country, adopting a pet etc. it’s important to acknowledge that change brings doubt and trepidation sometimes, and extraordinary highs and fulfilment at others. Developing practices and using tools to help you  transit these moments of  birthing the new in life is the surest way to feel empowered from the inside out.