Crystals are beautiful AND effective in offices

Using crystals at work is easier than you think. Read on for discreet ideas!

Use crystals to create some good vibes at work

Crystals ? Really ?

.. It’s not as whacky as it sounds.  

Whether you’re back to the office, or peddling through the hours in your home office, the quality of the energetic environment you work in has an enormous impact on you. 

And sometimes, even if your office looks like it was designed by a crack team of Vogue Living stylists, things just don’t feel right. This affects the quality of your work, your mood and wellbeing, and ultimately your relationships with the people you go home to. 

 Crystals aren’t just for hippies

This may be a new concept to you, but people have used crystals to create and maintain healthy, happy office vibes for longer than anyone has been talking about it. 

A  heavy energetic environment is not usually added to the cleaners maintenance contract: 

  1. vacuum hallways
  2. disinfect bathrooms
  3. energetically clear conference room after intense meetings 😳

You can’t see them, but you definitely feel them 

..bad vibes, that is. Stagnant, heavy or oppressive energies build up in spaces much like dust and dirt accumulate, especially if your workspace has a lot of people coming and going. Even if you’re working online from home, your workspace becomes attuned to the frequencies emitted by a concentration of computer, mobile and other electronic frequencies, even before you add in the stresses and tensions often pouring out of you.  Read up on crystals for EMF reduction here. 

We routinely throw out the trash from office bins, but it’s just as important to understand and address the clearing out of the energetic debris that accumulates in our offices.  

Bad office or just bad vibes?

Most of us spend 20 – 40hours a week at the office. Quickly calculate how much of that time feels really good to you? 

Feeling unsettled, tense, irritated or tired may not simply be because you’re working… there are other factors in play.  If you’re affected by the energy of your office environment, especially if the people around you don’t seem to be, you’re likely quite empathic (someone who’s sensitive to other peoples’ emotional energy to the point that you internalize it and experience it yourself). 

Everything in existence has a frequency. Imagine a radio.. the quality of the sound (frequency) can be crystal clear or degraded into static blur. Likewise, the frequencies people emit can be harmonious or distorting. Other peoples’ stress or negative emotions (complaining, gossiping), whether you share a space or a screen, all take a toll on your wellbeing. 

Re-setting the dial on office space vibes with crystals

The good news is cleansing and calibrating the energy field at work is not as complicated as it sounds. You don’t even need to ask permission, because what you’ll do isn’t interfering with anyone else (although you may start to notice changes in peoples communication).  Up-levelling the subtle yet very important base vibration of your workspace is as simple as using silent, cooperative crystals (they don’t even need induction training!).  

Certain crystals or combinations of crystals have properties which deflect unwanted energy or influences by helping you not absorb them.

Specific healing crystals are ideal for easing many of the burdens of office environments, not because they change what’s happening around you (that’s out of your control), but because they affect what is happening within you.

Healing crystals are becoming more and more utilised in our day-to-day lives as people experience the very real impact and benefits. You can read a great roundup of some of the most popular crystals here

Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate crystals in your office, alongside the filing cabinets and coffee mugs… 

Step 1: ‘Clearing’ the space with crystals

How to use Balipura Spray mists

A few spritzes of Crystal infused mist is all it takes



Smudging, lighting incense or burning essential oils are age old practices that clean or tone the energy, but aren’t practical for the office (i.e. smoke alarms 😳 ). Instead, achieve the same effect with Balipuras Space Clearing crystal infused Aura Spray. Misting around your desk or in the meeting room before (and after) people gather is an imperceptible way to help to break up denser energies and create a higher vibratory zone.  


Step 2: Put crystals in strategic places



Crystals work as large statement pieces in a more formal offices, but are just as effective discreetly on your desk. I usually have a crystal in my pocket, and find my hand reaching for it throughout the day. Co-workers may even appreciate them as a gift.. you don’t have to ‘understand’ their energetic properties to find them beautiful and soothing to look at. 


Step 3: Personal Protective Equipment


Yes, at Balipura we sometimes talk about our crystal infused range as PPE (personal protective equipment). Long before we were all wearing masks, our staff were wearing our Protection Crystal Wristlets + applying the crystal infused essential oils in our  Roll-Oms to ward off the energies we don’t want, and strengthen the effects of the ones we do want. Amulets and essential oils are also timeless traditions for protecting yourself from unwelcome energies. 



Fantastic crystals for space clearing and Aura protection 

Herkimer Diamond ♦ Citrine ♦ Amber ♦ Selenite ♦ Black TourmalineTiger’s Eye ♦ Clear Quartz

In your office you need crystals that are tuned into the frequency of energy that will shield distortion in your energy field. Obviously it’s not convenient to carry a large bag of protective crystals around with you. So we developed these 2 ranges specifically to help you while you’re working: 

Image of Balipuras unique glass bottle Protection Roll-OM

Balipura Roll-OMs travel discreetly in your pocket or purse.

Balipura Crystal Infused Space Clearing Spray or Roll-Om

Energetic Cleanser for home and work spaces



Convenient Protection everywhere you go

Balipura Crystal Infused Protection Spray, Roll-Om or Crystal Wristlet

Strengthens Auric Field, creating healthy boundaries & shielding against negative projections



Take some of the friction out of work, and start experimenting with crystals at the office today!