The Natural Healer Aromatherapist Giselle Alonso on this occasion surprises us with an impressive fusion of Specific Frequencies, Geometry and Energy applied to the world of Healing Crystal and Aromatherapy, thus obtaining, together with Balipura, an easy-to-use tool in our homes.

Aromatherapist Giselle Alonso, who for more than 14 years has been deepening her natural healing abilities and working on the development of self-awareness in the Sacred Cerro Uritorco (Argentina), one of the most recognized energetic healing points on our planet, has managed to develop a new dimension of connection with the Consciousness of Natural Essences and Gems together with the Cosmic Energies of which they are also composed.

Opening in this way, an extraordinary potential of mechanisms for the magnification of the Essences and Crystals, generating an amplification of the natural qualities of Well-being, Healing and Cleansing from which we have benefited since ancient times.

Resonating with the same purpose of providing people with simple ways to self-healing and well-being, Balipura, the renowned Indonesian line of crystal-infused aura products, and Giselle Alonso began working together to develop and implement these new methodologies to increase the power of each auric tool that Balipura offers. Balipura has allied with Mrs. Alonso due to her extraordinary abilities in the field that could not find in anyone else.

This is how in recent years they have generated an indisputable improvement in the entire line of Infused Crystals products, obtaining an exponential growth that leads them to the North American market.

Balipura is a manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia which creates high end natural products that are infused with the energy of crystals on a base of a sacred water, bottling these elements in a most pure way to give the possibility to the user to experiment nature in its most pure way.

Balipura creates aromatherapy products with an extra twist of energy, to be misted throughout the Aura (energy field) of the user. The energy of sacred water and the crystals will directly go into the energy field of the person misting it and adjust the energy to more natural healing vibrations.

Our mission in Balipura is to create the purest and most effective Crystal Infused products to uplift, support and tangibly benefit people seeking to improve their wellbeing. This is our contribution to elevating the vibration of Mother Earth and her inhabitants!”  Balipura’s founder commented to us.

Balipura carries 3 lines of products: AURA MISTS, AURA ROLL-OMS and CRYSTAL BRACELETS, all intended to work on your energy field.

For each of the lines we have 7 different energies such as Grounding, Let go, Pure Love, Protection, Birthing, Space Clearing and 7 Chakras.

Each product addresses a different topic, and they are infused with different process, essential oils and curated combination of healing crystals.

The Natural Healer Giselle Alonso this time surprises us with an impressive fusion of Energy and Geometry applied to the world of Healing Crystal and Aromatherapy.”

It is at this stage when Giselle collaborates with specific knowledge about specific frequencies, geometry and energetic alignments, thus enhancing the experience with each Essence. We are absolutely delighted to share these great and unique masterpieces with every person who wants to help themselves in their self-healing processes to reach a higher level of self-awareness and love.said Balipura founder Micaela Restano.

“The Pure Love Spray and the rest of the products in the Pure Love line, Roll-OMs and Aura Bracelets are the reference products when seeking to connect with a deeper Love in ourselves and through that cleanse the emotions that limit us with regarding self-love and towards others.” Giselle Alonso clarifies.

Products are blended under the phases of the moon, starting in new moon and finishing the production process in full moon. Each full moon there is a Ceremony done by a Balinese Priestess to immerse the products with Bali’s most revered healing vibrations.

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Balipura is distributed in the US by Natural Fragrances LLC