At Balipura, our mission is to create the purest and most effective Crystal Infused products to uplift, support, and tangibly benefit people seeking to improve their well-being. We use certified organic essential oils as our main ingredient and we would like to express our deep appreciation for the invaluable botanical treasures offered by Mother Nature, as it drives our commitment to contribute to a healthier and happier planet for future generations. As a leading company of Crystal-Infused Aura Products, we recognize the importance of eco-conscious business and this is our contribution to elevating the vibration of Mother Earth and her inhabitants!

We have just launched our first “Refill Station” to address environmental challenges and minimizing waste while empowering our customers to make more sustainable and low-waste choices. This ongoing campaign is aimed at minimizing the use of single-use plastics, and we invite you to be a part of this journey with us.

Let’s examine the progress we’ve made as we are still in a transition towards a more sustainable approach.

Refill Station Facility at Our Workshop at Cemagi

Minimizing our contribution to landfills is a top priority for us, and we believe in the power of reusing existing resources. We understand that cutting down on single-use bottles can be challenging work. To facilitate this transition, we opened a REFILL STATION at our workshop in Cemagi, Bali.

One of our primary objectives is to significantly reduce our impact on landfills, aligning with our strong commitment to sustainability. We firmly support the practice of reducing, reusing, and recycling available resources – in this case, our plastic bottle – to achieve this sustainability goal. We recognize the inherent challenges associated with reducing the consumption of single-use bottles. To support and streamline this transition towards more eco-conscious choices, we have taken a proactive step by launching a refill station at our workshop in Cemagi, Bali. This facility not only shows our dedication to environmental responsibility but also provides a practical solution for individuals looking to minimize their reliance on disposable bottles. We aim to exemplify the feasibility and benefits of such sustainable practices, serving as an inspiration for others to follow suit.

Action: Come visit us and REFILL you Spray Bottle at a reduced price!

Recycling Unused Waste

In addition to our commitment to minimizing waste in landfills, we have established a valuable partnership with Eco Bali Recycle. This collaboration enables us to responsibly recycle all of our recyclable packaging materials, including items such as boxes and bubble wrap plastic. By doing so, we take another proactive step to prevent these materials from ending up in landfills as soon as we don’t use them anymore.

To further enhance our sustainability efforts, we at Balipura have implemented our green way of sorting unused packing materials waste by separating organic and inorganic waste. This small act plays an important role in ensuring that waste is processed correctly and does not end up threatening Bali’s beautiful nature. Our primary objectives within this facility are to maximize recycling rates, reduce the volume of waste directed to landfills, and promote composting as an eco-friendly disposal method. We want to assure you that any remaining waste residue is handled exclusively by authorized and legal facilities, reinforcing our commitment to responsible waste management.


  • Bring 5 empty bottles and get one Spray of your choice for free!

  • We are in a process of working with a recycling company to reuse the empty bottles into shelvings for our factory!

  • Eco Bali Recycle waste management

What Do We Plan Next?

Our commitment to reduce the environmental footprint led us to plan other significant changes in our packaging choices. We are in the process of developing and step by step moving forward from using single-use plastic bags, bubble wrap, and bubble bags, and instead, we will choose eco-friendly alternatives. Thus, when you place an order with us, it will be shipped in sustainable paper bags, with the added paper packing filler to protect your items during transit. Furthermore, our cardboard tuck boxes are designed not only to securely package your order but also to be environmentally responsible.

Our efforts to develop even more sustainable packing methods are still ongoing, and we are actively exploring ways to further minimize our impact on the environment while ensuring that your orders reach you in perfect condition. We believe that these changes reflect our commitment to both our customers and the planet, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our sustainability practices.


  • This year we have gone through a repackaging process where we have changed our packaging to minimize the use of plastic. If you live in Europe or the US, you will start receiving the new packaging soon!

By embracing eco-friendly practices such as launching a refill station at our workshop, recycling our plastic waste, and using eco-friendly packaging, we hope we can actively contribute to the sustainability of natural resources and minimize harm to our environment.

This is our commitment to give back all the benefits and good things that have been given by Mother Earth. We hope this could inspire you to join us in embracing environmentally friendly behaviors so we come together to bring a better future for our environment.

Join us on this pathway by bringing your 5 empty bottles to our workshop and get 1 Aura-Infused Crystal Spray for FREE.