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Space Clearing

USD 25

Space Clearing Spray – 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz.

Herkimer Diamond, Citrine, Amber, Selenite & Black Tourmaline.

Tea Tree*,  Lemon Myrtle*,  Lemon*,  Lavender*,  Clary Sage*,  Sage*

                                               *Certified Organic

Energetic Cleansing For Home & Work Spaces

Removes denser energies in sprayed areas, allowing lighter & more vibrant ones to enter. Creates Calm & Peace in home and work environments.


100% Pure Organic

All our products are made with Pure Ingredients and Certified Organic Essential oils

100% Handmade

With Love in Bali, Indonesia


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Made with volcanic spring water, cleansed with energetic healing & infused with crystal energy.

Blended with a vibrational sound process and blessed by Balinese Priest under the full moon.

Use 2 to 4 times a day for a deeper process.
Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Alcohol, 100% Pure Essential Oils.

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