Balipura Aura Sprays™

Set 3 x Roll-OM

$ 48

Set includes 3 Roll-OMs of your choice.

Mix & match as desired!

Specify in Order Note your choice for each product.


3 x Roll-OM – 8ml


*Certified Organic

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We infuse our Roll-OM blends during 21 nights with energy of Crystals, following an energetic protocol we have developed through the years.

Inside every Roll-OM glass bottles you will find:

  • Real Crystal Roller ball
  • Loose cleansed crystals inside ( each one with a hole inside to be repurposed after bottle is empty)



  • Grounding Roll-OM – Red Jasper Roller Ball
  • Let go Roll-OM – Amethyst Roller Ball
  • Pure Love  Roll-OM – Aventurine Roller Ball
  • Protect Roll-OM – Tiger’s Eye Roller Ball
  • Birthing Roll-OM – Rose Quartz Roller Ball
  • Clear Mind Roll-OM – Clear Quartz Roller Ball
  • 7 Chakras Roll-OM – Lapis Lazuli Roller Ball

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