Set 2 x Bracelet

Set 2 x Bracelet

$ 38

Set includes 2 Wristlets of your choice.

Mix & match as desired!

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Natural Gemstones with solid silver beads.

Our Wristlet is fully cleansed with Balipura cleansing protocol, charged under the elements and blessed by a Balinese Priestess under the Full Moon, to give an extra kick start and support to your healing process!

2mm Gemstone crystals with silver plated solid 925 silver spacer beads


  • Grounding Wristlet – Black Tourmaline , Smoky Quartz , Hematite & Clear Quartz
  • Let go Wristlet – Clear Quartz , Amethyst & Sodalite
  • Pure Love Wristlet – Rose Quartz,Jade, Chrysoprase, Aventurine & Amazonite
  • Protect Wristlet – Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye & Clear Quartz
  • Birthing Wristlet – Moonstone, Amethyst,Rose Quartz,Chrysocolla & Clear QZ
  • Clear Mind Wristlet – Apatite, Multi Color Tourmaline & Tibetan Turquoise
  • 7 Chakras Wristlet – Garnet,  Carnelian,  Citrine,  Peridot,  Blue Lace Agate,  Lapis Lazuli  &  Amethyst

Additional information

Bracelet 1

Grounding, Let Go, Pure Love, Protection, Birthing, Clear Mind

Bracelet 2

Grounding, Let Go, Pure Love, Protection, Birthing, Clear Mind

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