balipura handmade product

At Balipura, we consider our products to be much more than aroma-therapy mists as we infuse them with energy of crystals!

We start on a base of sacred spring water from Bali’s most revered volcano, Gunung Agung. Not only is it pure but cleansing & healing as well.

We have developed a transfer method to infuse the energy of gemstones into the sacred water.

Our batches are produced entirely with the coordination of the phases of the moon. We start at the  new Moon and finish during the Full Moon with a ceremony done by our Balinese Priest-ess.

During the production process that last 14 days, we infuse our products with direct energy from flowers and plants in addition to energetic healings, sound baths, organic, cold pressed essential oils.

All our products are made with Love one by one in Bali.

Plus they are 100% natural, Vegan, No palm oil, No Parabens or any other harmful chemicals!

Bali Pura is Female founded and has an all female workforce and with each purchase we help support our fellow women in Bali.

We have 3 lines of products: Aura Sprays, aromatic Roll Ons and crystal bracelets.

Thank you from all of us at Bali Pura in Bali, Indonesia.