Linen Pouch

Rp 130,000

Perfect Pouch to wrap up your Sprays!


Size: 20 cm tall x 15 cm wide.

Simply pull the strings apart to close the bag.

Fits up to 3 Sprays / 1 Spray, 1 Roll-OM & 1 Wristlet /  up to 5 Roll-OMs


Handmade, Handprinted & Sewn by a group of Balinese women.

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Protect your Sprays while carrying them with you!

You can fit up to 3 Sprays or a combination of Sprays and Roll-OMs.


Thick natural linen .

50% Linen, 25% Cotton, 25% Ramie

(Ramie is a natural fibre)


Cotton Drawstring hand died in blue.


Washing machine and cold water for cleaning.

Ironing not recommended.



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